New Look, Same Old Shit

Howdy peeps. Justin G. here. You know, the non-talented one of the show. You got it. 

Anyway, as you can tell, we've got a brand new site! *awaits applause*. Isn't is super shiny and cool and clean and simple and stuff?!?

I know, we don't have an artists tab. It's currently nearing completion, and should be up soon. It's gonna be great. It'll give you access to view videos from the artists, with links to their profiles online. 

BUT, in the meantime, you can check out our blog, our super-cool "About" page, and we've added a new page called "Sponsor & Support". Basically, we'd like your money. All of it. 

I kid. But we gotta run this shit somehow. So if you know anyone who's looking for cheap ads on a worldwide listened-to podcast, point 'em our way. We'd love to help them out.

Thanks for reading. And listening. And for being so super sexy.

Justin G.